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UFOs, the best witnesses

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Another proposal is the American physicist Kip Thorne, who developed a machine model based on the concept of "wormhole" that distorts space and time period. The idea is to create a wormhole very small in a particle accelerator, with antigravity stabilize and enlarge it to get through it. This idea fits naturally into the general theory of relativity (gravity and antigravity).
He has also worked in this sense the Israeli physicist Amos Ori, whose proposal was shown in the prestigious science journal "Physical Review". His work is based on a set of mathematical equations describing hypothetical conditions that, if established, could allow the creation of a time machine, technically known as "closed time-like curves" ("closed time-like curves"). In the curves of space and time, or spacetime, according to the equations of the teacher, the time could be "bent on itself", so that a person who traveled through the loop, would be able to come back every time further back in time.

The Time Machine

There is a more complicated proposition conducted by the American physicist Richard Gott, based on string theories with objects known as cosmic strings. These are structures that reflect the intertwining of the various quantum fields produced immediately after the big bang. Gott says that if two long parallel cosmic strings quickly away from each other, distort space-time, allowing bending ties to the past.

A theory of this nature could explain:

    _ Presence of crew and their anthropomorphic shape
    _ Allows explain the appearance and disappearance of the phenomenon
    _ Nebulosity, electrical interference
    _ Overriding witnesses
    _ Oz Factor
    _ Unofficial contact
    _ His presence at all times

I believe that this hypothesis gives a coherent body of explanation to many, but all the UFO cases that remain unresolved, after passing rigorous exams, and allows certain organization of information available.

Space-Time Lines

Jenny Randles and Oz Factor

Moviegoers can easily imagine the feeling of dislocation that Dorothy must have had when he was taken out of Kansas and taken to the mysterious land of Oz. That feeling, says British UFO specialist Jenny Randles, it may resemble the perceptions experienced by people who had encounters with unidentified flying objects. Randles says its studies show that many UFO witnesses experienced what she called the factor of Oz, "a feeling of sensory and temporal isolation in which the witness feels that the UFO sucked into a vacuum where only he and the phenomenon coexist. " This could happen, she supposed, when a person is in an emotional state well below normal consciousness of reality plays a condition, object or event (a bright planet, for example) like preternatural in origin.

Randles theorized that in some rare cases the subjective impression of the witness is strong enough to handle the objective reality. In other words, a person who is under the influence of Oz factor might actually shoot something he sees, but does not exist in a sense totally objective. Randles theory, which is rejected by many researchers, does not rule out contact with extraterrestrials. Could she, that beings from other worlds are contacted to humans through consciousness alone and not by sophisticated technology says. These alien beings can somehow induce a subjectively true story of an encounter. If so, a very sensitive person could serve as a kind of cosmic radio receiver messages.
* Article published in MysteryPlanet.com.ar

The Way to Oz

Oz Factor

It is known as Oz factor to a number of changes during the presence of the UFO phenomena, represented by spatial changes and aparatos- witnesses that have been collected through the testimony of thousands of witnesses. These are:

    _ Presence of a slight haze or haze.
    _ The object is often perceived as a mass. cloud, compact but soft-edged, or solid metallic but surrounded by nebulosity.
    _ Body tingling.
    _ Perception of an electromagnetic field or electrostatic charge control body, perceived by elevated body hairs. Alteration in electrical appliances, motor paralysis, blackouts (local or wide), headlights off, deviation light rays, interference in communications (radio and radar), among others.
    _ At first perception of low temperature and then gradually increased until it became intense heat.
    _ Presence of lights of various colors, always predominantly red, yellow or orange.
    _ Perception mild low frequency hum, like the hum produced by a honeycomb, or the purring produced by the operation of an electrical transformer or motor.
    _ Sense of timelessness (temporary anomaly), or alteration of real time (spatiotemporal dislocation).
    _ Geographical and temporal Transport.
    _ Feeling pressure.
    _ Sometimes nausea and vomiting occur.
    _ Sometimes mild skin rashes, which becomes red on the affected area produced.

Oz Factor

UFOs, the best witnesses reflect this natural concern to discover the causes of unknown aerial phenomena, focusing on our inner need to know about the study of unidentified flying objects or UFOs. It starts from the premise that effectively correspond to a structured phenomenon, physical nature and, therefore, are capable of being registered and measured in its manifestations through appropriate instruments.

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